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Velvet Bomber Jacket – Such a Wearable Trend!

reversible velvet bomber jackets

The phrase “jacket” may appear simple, but it actually refers to a wide range of styles and patterns. As a result, choosing the right jacket for each occasion and outing might be challenging. Velvet bomber jackets are back in style, which is the best news of the day. They’re everywhere in your favourite stores, every colour and style you can imagine. When you’re a fashion junkie, it’s tough to avoid new and old trends that are still relevant in today’s fashion age. Due to its style, appearance, and effect, Velvet bomber jackets, velvet jackets, and men’s sequin jackets have the capacity to freeze people’s minds.

The sole difference between a velvet bomber jacket and a bomber jacket is that the velvet bomber jacket is made of velvet. The word “velvet” means “soft,” and it gets its name from the velvet fabric. With its silky nap and gleaming sheen, the soft, smooth cloth defines luxury. Velvet has long been a staple of high-end fashion, and its luxurious feel and appearance make it a perfect fabric for the upscale design. With all of these textures and qualities, the velvet bomber jacket is both stylish and refined.

Bomber jackets, sometimes known as Flight jackets, were first worn by pilots during World War I and grew in popularity during World War II. The style originated in the United States Air Force, where flight crewmen wore it. These jackets were worn by pilots during high-altitude operations to keep them warm. It’s gone a long way since its military roots, evolving from a physical runway to a more fashion-focused atmosphere. Today, though, men of many professions adore the velvet bomber jacket. This jacket is comfy and adaptable, making it ideal for a variety of casual ensembles.

Bomber jackets, which dated back to World War II and were designed to keep men warm on harsh winter days while also protecting them from the elements, is today a significant fashion and style statement. A plain t-shirt inside a velvet bomber jacket is the most typical method to wear it, making it an outstanding casual jacket. If you want to dress it up a little more, add a button-up shirt, polo, or even a turtleneck to the mix. Silk velvet fabric is a luxury item that costs far more than other forms of velvet. Cotton velvet fabric is preferred by most guys for special event jackets because it is less slippery and has a lower gloss.

One of the most important things to consider now that we’re talking about the new velvet bomber jacket trend is where to acquire this velvet bomber jacket. You may visit Soot and Ty in London, which specialized in velvet bomber jackets. It is a globally recognized unisex brand based in London and an expressive brand that prioritizes personality over design and style. They strive to incorporate exquisite and eye-catching designs into each production while maintaining scrupulousness, item quality, and the clients’ need for something unique. They feature a large selection of unique velvet bomber jackets for both men and women.


Published by Soot and Ty

Soot and Ty is a London-based brand with an international influence. Soot and Ty is an emotive brand with a focus on personality rather than fashion and style rather than the trend.

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