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How to Dress like a boss with Women Bomber Jackets

How to dress like a bossy girl with your favorite women bomber jackets? Lacs of bomber jackets addicted girls try to add a twist in their formal wear with bomber jackets and they usually juggle through this thought just to showcase their solid bossy impact with their favorite bomber jacket. Due to a hectic busy schedule girls merely get time to pick up a style to style themselves professionally with these jackets. Are you the one with the same situation and thought? If yes then you are not alone, there are many bomber jacket lovers like you who spend their entire day at the office. Don’t worry! Here everything is all set for your assistance to create the very best professional and formal style. 

With the below shared 5 tips, you will get a classy and formal look in no time. Check it out and don’t shy to flaunt it.

1) A Classy Dark Colored Women Bomber Jacket 

To create a formal bossy look, pick a dark-colored bomber jacket. You can select a black or brown leather bomber jacket to give a classy formal appearance. It will make you fit fine in the official dress code. The dark color and fine leather fabric will be enough to boost your confidence and attitude. On an official occasion try this versatile corporate upper wear.

2) Upper Half 

Your upper half should be fully formal if looking professional is your agenda. Be selective while choosing the one. It should be decent and more comfortable to wear. A formal shirt would be the best option among any upper half. It will change the overall attire look, so make sure it will match and go well with your upper bomber jacket.  

3) Lower

When it comes to lower wear to create a professional dress code along with women bomber jackets then try straight formal pants or formal pencil skirts. Ripped jeans and high waist jeans will not match even a little with your formal sense. Try any colored pants or pencil skirt but it should give good vibes with the bomber jacket that you will wear.

4) Accessories 

Try different decent accessories to give your look a creative turn. Your accessories should be delicate enough to maintain the corporate dress code. You can also try to add a side bag along with a simple necklace. Some women think that accessories will not look formal on a professional platform, so avoid wearing them. But if it will be worn in the right way you will start making it a crucial part of your dress. 

5) Heels 

Heels are a timeless trend that will never go out of style. Whether it’s a party or an office place, heels are flexible items that can be worn anywhere. There are numerous formal heels you can try to carry the office looks with women bomber jackets. Pumps, stilettos, ankle strap, sling back heels, etc. are the ones you can add on with your attire to flaunt the twisted formal looks.

You will rock with the above shared formal style with women bomber jackets. Surely this unique attire will influence others at your workplace. 


Published by Soot and Ty

Soot and Ty is a London-based brand with an international influence. Soot and Ty is an emotive brand with a focus on personality rather than fashion and style rather than the trend.

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