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Velvet Jackets – Best Outfit Ideas and Styling Tricks

Velvet Bomber Jackets

In the past few years, people’s lifestyle and dressing have been evolved a lot. Thus, with the changing style, velvet is making the buzz in the market from sometimes now. It is not only emerging but also has stored its place firmly in the market. Ranging from velvet tops, pants, caps, it has appeared to velvet jackets nowadays.

Velvet is spreading its foot in the worldwide market. No matter in which continent you live, the love for velvet jackets amongst both men and women could be seen equally worldwide. Now it is the most significant part of winter season. Velvet jackets have officially become a compulsory outfit for the wardrobe of every fashion blogger and fashion admirers.

However, no matter how perfect your velvet jacket is, you must watch how fashion bloggers are twinning their velvet jacket with different outfits and accessories. It is quite interesting to know how versatile velvet bomber jackets are. You can style them for your office to look more professional to casual look to attend the party and chill out with friends. 

If you want to look stylish instead of the extreme cold of winter, then velvet jackets are indeed for you.

Make Red Velvet Jacket an Everyday Wear

Although velvet is a dressy fabric and most people prefer to wear it for ideal holidays – buy why do not you make it a part of your everyday life? To give yourself a classy look, pick a white t-shirt, choose medium blue denim jeans with it, and then wear a red velvet jacket to give your face a glamorous insight. It will not only help you to look classy and fashionista, but you will soon be a fashion icon among your friends. Moreover, velvet comes in a plethora of colours such as black, or you can also check some rich shades such as green and wine or try to deep navy colour.

When you try to set a line between casual and formal look, and at the same time, you want to achieve an elegant jean look, a velvet blazer is a perfect choice in this scenario. A pretty blouse and fit jeans along with the velvet blazer are all you need to look sassy.

Velvet Jackets are Sweet and Sassy for Party

Want to nail the party look? How about twinning your velvet dress with a metallic bright midi skirt? Do not forget it is in your hand to add colours to your look. You can also choose to wear whatever suits your complexion and body type, such as party heels and a silky camisole for an authentic holiday vibe.

A velvet dress is best when you layer it with a fancy dress. Depending on the weather type, you can choose what you want to prefer to wear inside. It is essential to invest wisely while purchasing a velvet jacket. However, if it is a matter of two to three times, there are phenomenal, less expensive choices.

Velvet Jackets are Popular among Men

Men are nowhere fewer wearing velvet jackets. The rules for men to wear a velvet jacket are simple – keep is as simple as possible. Black velvet is an outstanding option among men’s velvet jackets in a formal event. Some popular colour such as blue, dark purple and another earthy colour such as moss green, red and brown can be used for this purpose. For winter, you can consider more oversized fit velvet and layer it like a coat over a t-shirt. You can choose sweaters, waistcoats underneath them.

Final Words

Ultimately, if you plan to switch up your jacket game but still want to look stylish, we highly suggest that you go for velvet jackets. We are a renowned store that sells velvet jackets for men and women along with velvet bomber jackets. You will find a lot of variety in our store that it will become hard for you to pick the one.


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